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Sissy book by Betty Cross, Feminized Sissy Justice!

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Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story is an original erotica book for those who are passionate about crossdressing and femdom.

From tease and denial to forced feminization, trampling, bondage, caging, puppy training, human furniture, sensory deprivation, and sissy training, this book covers a wide array of fetishes. The characters are interesting whilst the story is exciting and different.

This is the story of Officer Stikes – a big, strong lesbian who works as a parole officer at a state prison – and her sissy bitch – a white collar criminal who gives up his civil rights. He and other inmates are forced feminized, caged, bonded, and abused by dominant lesbians.

Just imagine those big, bad inmates being turned into pretty girls and abused by a bunch of women. The fascinating storyline will hold your complete attention. This is the kind of book that is worth reading again and again.